Update on the new High School in Birir

New School

The first phase of the school is now complete except for the cementing of the floor and inside walls and the glass for the windows. The large kitchen has also been completed. This was done early in the project, as the chowkidar/cook has to have the facilities to cook for the workers and later the school staff. The teachers of the community school adjacent were so struck by the cook’s food, we had them for lunch as well!


DSC01959The second phase is the second classroom, again to seat 25 pupils. This one will be a la Kalash which I had instructed the other one to be, but while the Taliban were being active over the horizon and the police were chasing me, I lost control of everything going on under my very eyes!!!  Most of the wood has already been purchased for this, although rumour has it some got lost in last summer’s flood in the gol. At the moment we have secured two thousand pounds. Someone over here, a British lady, may donate us a further one thousand, leaving at least another two thousand for this year’s work.

The status of the school will be discussed on my return to the valleys next month.  I shall go to Chitral as requested and meet with the EDO and his assistant whom I met last autumn.  They are very enthusiastic, but we need to sit down and discuss all the nitty gritty and sign the final MOU. The other signed papers were with the government people, but we must also sign with the LOCAL education authorities.

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