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Birir is one of the three Kalash valleys and is the least spoiled and the least developed. There is a Middle School in central Birir but it caters mostly for boys. Their new building to replace the old one destroyed by fire is still under construction and there are only a few Kalash children in the primary section. The Kalash School at the other end of the valley is overfull. There is also no high school for either boys or girls. No family wishes for their off-spring to leave Birir and go to school in Chitral. 

DSC01959The completed first classroom

In Grubinasar, where I live, there is a community based school with three teachers which, initially, was helped by the Ahga Khan Education Programme and then latterly, the teachers were paid by the Greek volunteers. When they pulled out of Bumburet where they had concentrated their work, they also cut out the payment of the teachers’ salaries from community based schools. We have now filled the gap by taking responsibility for the salaries.

We have already built one school room large enough to seat 25 pupils. The room is now ready to take the first Girls for Middle School education. We already have 12 pupils booked in for further education. Now we need to build a second classroom for year two by the end of 2013 ideally. The detailed costings for this are given overleaf.


Item Amount (Rs) Amount (GBP)
Wood 700 sq.ft. x Rs. 250 175000  
Stone transportation 50000  
Carpenter 104 days x Rs. 700 72800  
Mason 104 days x Rs. 700 72800  
Unskilled labour (2 persons) 130 days x Rs. 350 x 2 91000  
Metal roof 50000  
Wood transportation from the machine 10000  
Wood cutting 25000  
Nets for windows (jali) 12000  
Nuts, bolts, nails, door knobs etc., hardware 10000  
Gravel 15 trips x Rs. 1200 18000  
Sand 4 trips x Rs. 2000 8000  
Cement 20 bags x Rs. 530 10600  
Transportation of cement 3000  
Transportation of net 3000  
Transportation of glass 3000  
Misc inside and outside finishing 50000  
Glass for windows 16000  
Carpenter finishing 4 days x Rs. 700 2800  
Electric connection, bulbs and wiring 7000  
Supervision  cost 48000  
Driver @ 10000 for 9 months 90000  
POL @10000 for 9 months 90000  
Implementing cost 225000 £1,500
TOTAL 918000 £6,100

NOTE 1: Additionally a minimum of 12 desks and chairs will be required at a cost of £15 each. Two new computers will also be required costing £250 each.

NOTE 2: By the end of 2013 our very limited ‘school’ funds will be totally depleted. The ongoing teacher costs will be £2500 per annum. Unless the Government of Pakistan takes this on or we are able to raise these funds both Junior and Middle schools will have to close.

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