A few months before she died Maureen was approached by the women in Birir asking if she could possibly provide the village with a new Bashali house as theirs had been so badly damaged in the earthquake two years ago that it was no longer safe to use.

The Bashali house is extremely important in Kalasha culture and is where the village women go to give birth and at “that time of the month” so it is a substantial building. Maureen being Maureen said she would do it and then asked HKCA to fund it. Fortunately being winter time no building work could be done and HKCA’s reply to her that funds were short did not have to be passed on to the villagers. The Trustees of HKCA felt at their meeting on Sunday 2nd April that being such an important and very personal building for the village that it would be a very fitting and permanent memorial to her and unlike most memorials would have a long term and important use. We decided therefore to launch an appeal to raise the funds needed of approximately £11,500 to build this memorial to her. If there is a surplus, that will go towards continuing support for the Birir School and patients in the Kalash Valleys. If there is a shortfall the Trustees will see that the balance is made up.

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