Maureen Lines – Obituary

Maureen Patricia Lines – Tamgha-e-Imtiaz

(23 October 1937 – 17 March 2017)

Mo Lines

Photograph by Dr Ali Jan

Maureen Lines died on 17 March 2017 at the age of 79 and her death has brought great sadness upon many – the numerous and virtually uncountable people in Pakistan who have benefited from, and still benefit, from the love and care that she so selflessly meted out to the Kalasha going back for over twenty-five years, upon her numerous and generous supporters and upon the trustees of the HKCA. Maureen died in hospital in Peshawar having been ill for some time during which her work became increasingly curtailed by her illness.

She was buried in the Peshawar Christian Cemetery on 18 March. The service was attended by her friends based in Peshawar including Dr Adil Zareef and Dr Ali Jan.

Maureen was a great lady; her energy and determination to improve the lives of the Kalasha and the facilities available to them was unquenchable and her work was recognised by her being a recipient of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Pakistan’s civil award medal). She was undeterred by the inevitable risks she took in pursuing her aims.

Maureen receiving her award in April 2008

Maureen receiving her award in April 2008

It is not the end. The Trustees met on 02 April 2017 for a meeting that had already been arranged as a ‘normal’ meeting but of which the nature and purpose were inevitably changed. The meeting commenced with the trustees standing for one minute’s silence in memory of Maureen and as an expression of thanks for her life and work.

It is indeed not the end. Of her friends in Peshawar we are already receiving offers of great assistance from Dr Ali Jan towards perpetuating, as long as we are able, Maureen’s work as a memorial to her. This must be very tentative at this stage but Phoenix will arise; in the near future it is intended that a representative of the HKCA trustees will visit Pakistan to liaise with Dr Ali Jan towards implementing a programme of continued work, and implementing a permanent and tangible memorial in her name in her beloved village of Birir.

Maureen with her family.

We can do no better than to include in this Newsletter an obituary published in The Chitral Times shortly after Maureen’s death; it is written by a friend in Pakistan and gives a vivid picture of the local esteem in which she was held.

May Maureen rest in peace leaving an indelible memory.

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