Life in Pakistan Today

By Faheem Badshah

We read over here of costs in the UK going up with VAT increases and the like. Here in Pakistan our rate of inflation is eye-watering and makes yours in the UK seem insignificant. For several years we have had double-digit inflation. In the last year alone basic commodities such as sugar and tea have doubled in price whilst the cost of fuel has rocketed.

In addition to cost of living problems, Pakistan is facing a power crisis with a lack of electricity. Factories are having to install generators to keep things going but even then production suffers and prices have to be increased to cover the lost production. Daily we have power cuts, which are frustrating with computers going off until we can start the generator.

As if all of this is not enough, as is all too often recorded on the world news bulletins, we have militancy. Everyday our newspapers record bomb blasts, killings and kidnappings. We read of Drone attacks in North and South Waziristan some of which may hit their intended target but others killing innocent women and children.

The weather too is changing. Our winters seem to be shrinking with fewer days of cold weather to leave us fresh to face the scorching heat of the sun. This global warming is changing our lifestyle but it is not only the habits of human beings that are changing but the survival of numerous plant and animal species are at risk. Was it global warming that last year caused our disastrous flooding resulting in thousands of Pakistanis and animals dying and leaving millions homeless and without food.

All these things coupled together make life of an ordinary Pakistani, whose income is not sufficient to cope with these pressures, pretty depressing.

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