Dispensary Project


About 80% of all the funds raised by HKCA go into the running of our medical project. For example it funds the jeep/ambulance which is the only form of transport for sick people in the valleys. It funds the purchase of drugs and medicines and a dispensary. A current project within the medical project is to raise funds to administer new dispensaries.

There is a government dispensary for each of the three valleys, but they never have any medicine and the dispensers have little knowledge of medical procedures.

For people to travel to Chitral it means a two-hour ride in a taxi jeep, which most cannot afford. We have been helping the inhabitants of the valleys and the surrounding area for many years, including taking patients to Chitral and very serious cases to Peshawar.

After many years of experience working in the Kalash Valleys, Maureen Lines came to the conclusion that the most practical way to help the people is by opening dispensaries, which are stocked with good medicine. In the winter, it is very hard for anyone to reach Chitral and this is when these dispensaries are most valuable and can even save lives.


* To supply six dispensaries on a quarterly basis. These initially would be located at: Shaikhonondai, Balanguru, Krakaal, mid Bumburet, Bini Nisar and Birir.

* To employ a dispenser (an intelligent person who is educated can easily be trained to dispense what is only simple medicine) on a part-time basis in each one. The opening of the dispensary will be at set times so as to accommodate both the dispenser and the patients.

* To use the dispensaries for raising health awareness by providing free materials on subjects such as TB. In time it may be possible to improve them to such a degree that some could also be used as temporary eye clinics.

* To consistently monitor the programme for both the need of further medicine, and to check the register and honesty of the dispenser.

* To stamp all medicine with our logo and not for sale stickers.


In the past, we have stocked the dispensaries with medicine bought from proceeds of fund raising events and project proposals to embassies, plus from time to time by gifts from sympathetic Pakistanis. At the present time, we have enough medicine for all dispensaries to last until December.


In the immediate future, we need funds for the salaries for each of the six dispensers, for the rental of the buildings (except in Birir, where we have constructed our own), for the project manager, driver and running costs of the jeep plus the administration of the project.


To help improve the health of the inhabitants, to save life and prevent suffering.


Five dispensers @ £30 per month

for 12 months                                             1,800

Five rents @ £10 per month for 12 months   600

Project manager (32 wks @ £100 &

16 wks @ £50)                                            4,000

Driver @ £150 per month for 10 months     1,500

Jeep costs @ £100 per month for 12 months                                                        1,200

Medicines @ £1000 each                             5,000

Administration                                             1,500


NOTE: This is planned as a long-term project with all costs being repeated each year.

We have been asked to open two new dispensaries but can only consider this once the original five have been funded.

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