About HKCA and KEPS

HKCA (Hindu Kush Conservation Association) is a registered UK charity formed in 1995 (NO.1063232).

Maureen Lines – Project Director


It shares the same basic objectives as KEPS and concentrates its work on fundraising to support the work of Maureen Lines in the Kalash valleys. Its support has steadily increased and it now funds the basic administration of the organisation in Pakistan as well as an ever expanding medical project. This latter involves the funding of a Jeep cum ambulance, dispensaries in the valleys and stocking them with basic medical drugs. This also covers the administration costs that allows KEPS to carry out its mainly constructional projects (usually funded from within Pakistan) in the Kalash Valleys such as retaining walls and Bashali houses etc.

The Trustees are (from left to right): Rupert Wright John Brown, CBE Keith Howman, OBE Peter Meadows, Sitara-i-Quaid-i-Azam

In 1993, Maureen Lines established KEPS (Kalash Environmental Protection Society) a registered NGO in Pakistan, to help the needs of the Kalash and their environment in 1995 she persuaded friends in the UK to found the British Charity HKCA (Hindu Kush Conservation Association no 1063232). At present, one of the major things KEPS is involved in is a plan for encouraging tourism and the preservation of cultural heritage in the N.W.F.P and to promote soft tourism.

Other long-term objectives are:

• To preserve and conserve the indigenous group ‘The Kalasha’ their culture and to preserve the environment.
• To preserve the religious & historical buildings and shrines in the valleys.
• To provide the medical facilities and improve the quality of life of the people through health awareness rising campaign.
• To engage in capacity building of the local people to generate income within the valleys.
• To seek the registration of the area to become an organic zone.

Main Achievements see completed projects

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